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Cool kiwis

We're Cool Kiwis. Click on our photos to find out about us and move us around by dragging and dropping our photos.

Robbie Magasiva and Beatrice Faumuina.

Robbie Magasiva and Beatrice Faumuina
TV presenters for Tagata Pasifika screening on on TV One and Māori Television

George Bridgewater.

George Bridgewater

Melissa Moon.

Melissa Moon
Mountain runner

Musical Island Boys.

Musical Island Boys

Tessa Duder.

Tessa Duder

Robert Sullivan.

Robert Sullivan

Hinewehi Mohi.

Hinewehi Mohi

Wiremu Grace.

Wiremu Grace
Writer, film maker

Olly Coddington.

Olly Coddington
TV presenter

Meg Grant

Meg Grant
Designer and Maker

Stanley Conrad.

Stanley Conrad
Captain, Te Aurere waka

Trinity Morrison.

Trinity Morrison

Andrew Coers.

Andrew Coers

Kate Weir.

Kate Weir

Janice Marriott.

Janice Marriott
Writer, Author


Brooke Fraser
Pop musician

Temepara George.

Temepara George
Silver Fern

Richard Taylor.

Richard Taylor
Creative director of Weta Workshop

Candice Davis.

Candice Davis
TV presenter

Craig Barrett.

Craig Barrett
Olympic walker

Yu Qian Goh

Yu Qian Goh

Sarah Walker.

Sarah Walker
BMX rider

Sir Jerry Mateparae.

Sir Jerry Mateparae
Governor General

Raybon Kan.

Raybon Kan
Comedian and Columnist

Nick Clark

Nick Clark
Owner and Director of Flight Coffee Ltd

Gabrielle Paringatai.

Gabrielle Paringatai
TV presenter

Tanemahuta Gray.

Tanemahuta Gray

Emily Welch.

Emily Welch
World women's shearing champion