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Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser is one of New Zealand's most internationally successful pop musicians.

Brooke started writing songs as a teenager and has recorded three hit albums.  She has Gold and Platinum Records from New Zealand, Australia, Italy and Germany and her songs are heard all around the globe. Brooke now lives in Sydney and tours the world regularly.

Where do you come from?

Lower Hutt, Wellington.

What are some of your major achievements to date?

My three albums have sold over 800,000 copies worldwide and are out in something like 46 countries.

What sorts of things do you do on a typical day?

Today I flew from London, where I was having meetings, to Stockholm, where I'm currently living as I finish writing my fourth album. There is no "typical day" for a writing/recording/touring musician! It's lots of hard work but also lots of fun!

What key things helped you succeed in singing?

To write my own songs. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in writing - whether poetry, plays, essays, music or even just personal journals - to start now! You're never too young or too old. Writing is such an important creative outlet - a way of processing what's happening around you and expressing your experience of it. I think it's invaluable to a person's sanity. Whether or not anyone ever reads/hears what you've created is not the point... write simply for the joy of it and you never know where it could lead.

What kind of training do you do to improve your singing?

None. But to be at my most effective in whatever I'm doing in my job as an artist, whether it's interviews and TV performances, concerts or writing sessions, I need lots of energy and to have a good level of fitness, so I eat well, drink lots of water and exercise regularly.

Who are some of the people who influenced you?

Mostly obscure people who few people have heard of!

What do you like to do when you're not singing?

The actual "performing" part of what I do takes up probably 5-10% of my time, if that. The rest of the time is songwriting, demoing, arranging, recording, being at management/strategy meetings, artwork meetings, doing press and promotion (lots of talking, basically), rehearsing, sound checking and being on planes. Lots of planes! What I LIKE to do though is to be at home, read, cook and be with my friends or, if I'm on the road, to get out and try some amazing local cuisine, go for a good walk and take in as many sights as I can!

What are your goals in the short term and long term and what are your dreams?

In the short term I'm very excited about recording my fourth album and then releasing and touring that around the world. I am already living my dreams!

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