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Raybon Kan

Raybon Kan.

How did you decide that you wanted to be a comedian?

I think I wanted a job where all I had to do was talk, and I could never be wrong. I don’t enjoy responsibility and I’m very lazy. If I work, I like people to watch and applaud. Most people work without quite so much encouragement.

What did your family think about you being a comedian?

Well, now it’s fine, because it’s gone well for me. I think people always gave me credit for courage, even if they thought it was a strange decision.

I hear you have been in some movies ...

I suppose I’ve done a couple of films with stunts, Tongan Ninja, where I didn’t fight but I did get to drive, well, pretend to drive while being towed. I was in a short film where I had to fight and get shot, and my agent who used to be a professional wrestler, coordinated the fight. That was fun, you worry that when you have to die you’ll look silly.

I’ve seen you write columns for the newspaper. Is it any different from writing a speech or script for stage or TV?

Yes, writing to be read is a lot different to writing to be heard. With live stuff, you always have to be mindful of holding attention, but on paper, that’s less of an issue, because if people stop reading, it’s not something that gets rubbed in your face. Also, readers don’t heckle.

What do you like the most about your work?

Performing, when it goes well, it’s magic. Writing is great when your ideas pop into your head.

Who has inspired you?

A lot of people, for example, Clive James, Eddie Izzard, Woody Allen, Richard Pryor and Chris Rock. They’re my heroes. There are other people too, who are not as famous, who inspire me for different reasons. I figure that if they can make it, I can too.

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