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Robbie Magasiva and Beatrice Faumuina

Robbie Magasiva and Beatrice Faumuina.

Check out the Tagata Pasifika website to read more about this television programme or the presenters. Watch Robbie and Beatrice answer these questions on video.

Beatrice has represented New Zealand in discus four times at the Olympic Games and twice at the Commonwealth Games.

How did you guys get the job at Tagata Pasifika?

R: We auditioned for it. The Boss, we call our boss ‘The Boss’. He gave us a call and he said come in and do exactly what we’re doing as an audition. How did you get the job, Bea?
B: Yeah, that’s it – screen test. I mean loads of training with David.
R: Yeah, David – he’s the one that teaches us how to speak English properly.

What do you guys do at Tagata Pasifika?

B: Well, the two of us - we’re presenters. I guess we’re the front people of the show and we will top and tail the stories.
R: So basically we read the autocue, which is what I'm doing right now. There you go!

Q: So come on Robbie, what do you to do relax and kind of chill out?

R: What do I do to relax and chill out? I make myself laugh. Easy. Seriously, make yourself laugh, and Beatrice laughs at me so that also relaxes her. Yeah.
B: We have a good time on the show.

Q: Is there anyone who inspires you?

B: Without a doubt, that would be my mother, Rowenie, and yourself? (to Robbie)
R: Yeah, and me. Yeah, it will have to be … probably my kids inspire me.

Q: What is the best piece of advice that you’ve been given?

B: Without a doubt it is to enjoy what I’m doing, and I think if you enjoy whatever role you may be in, whether it’s in here or outside of here I think to get a better understanding of it. And yourself? (to Robbie)
R: Yeah, to be the best at what you do.

Q: How do you feel when people compliment you on your performance?

B: Really overwhelmed, that people have taken note of what we’re doing. Obviously, on the show, and as an athlete. And yourself, Robbie?
R:I love it because I get a big head and I just stand here with my really big head and just absorb it. Yeah! Yeah! No, it makes you feel good. Yeah!

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

B: The most embarrassing thing? Later on this year, much like last year Robbie, I’m a bit concerned that obviously all of the things, that we’ve mis-read are going to go to air again, so there were a few!
R: Yeah. From all of our mistakes that we’ve done, we’ve probably got an hour worth of tape.
B: Well that was very generous of you!
R: That was! There’s about an hour worth of show with all the embarrassing moments, so every day, in fact, I do something embarrassing.

Q: What motivated you to do Dancing with the Stars?

B: Well for me to be part of that show, it was about helping someone and my chosen charity was the National Heart Foundation and that was just a really eye-opener into the amount of hard work we were actually going to do on that show and obviously having a good time learning how to dance.

Q: If there were one thing in your life you would do again, what would it be?

B: No, I wouldn’t want to repeat anything. What about yourself? (to Robbie)
R: I’d probably, to be honest, probably get married to my wife again, ‘cause I had a really good day and my friends and family had a really good day.
B: Did you cry Robbie?
R: Noooooo!

Q: What would you say to children that wanted to be on television like you and me?

B: Well, from our own experience really is to obviously go for a screen test, try and be as relaxed as you can and to enjoy it. This hasn’t been an easy transition, but there is a lot of hard work in it and of course with hard work things do come off.
R: I reckon if you’re starting off do some courses and then ask people that are already in the industry on how to go about it, from way down here to where we are right now. Ha ha ! Just kidding!

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