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Temepara George

Temepara George is a member of the Vodafone Silver Ferns as well as being a mother of two children. Temepara is - of Maori, Samoan and European descent.

Why did you start playing netball?

I wanted to be like Sandra Edge.

What age did you start netball?

Seven years.

Who encouraged you to join netball?

My mother.

Why did you choose to play netball and not any other sports?

I still play other sports but saw how great netball is.

What’s your favourite position?


Do you like the feeling when you win?


What is the highest amount of intercepts you have had in a game?


Do any other members of your family play netball?

My sister plays social netball and my daughter plays as well.

Do you play any other sports?

I play touch rugby, tag football, and basketball.

What is your favourite food?

Vegetables and fruit. My favourite takeaway food is Thai.

Do you have a nickname and what is it?

Bubby and Rocket Pocket.

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