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Olympic Games

Hey kids – check out these Olympics Games activities.

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The Summer Olympic Games are held every four years in a different country each time.

Many athletes and their teams are selected to represent New Zealand.

For teachers

  • The New Zealand Olympic Committee has provided resources for teachers with student activities for developing and recognising Olympic values based leadership. Register for these at Game on.

 • Check out these teaching resources from the Olympics Museum website.

 • Is your school an Olympian school?

 • Rio2016 Olympic Games – NZCurriculum Online has a collection of teaching ideas and resources to help you share the Olympic spirit with your school and community.

 • Read NZC's blog post for future focused learning and the Olympics. 

Olympic Games history

Ancient Olympics

 • Ancient Olympics
Find out about the very first Olympic Games.

Past New Zealand Olympic medallists

 • Olympics database
Find out about how many medals have been won by New Zealanders at past Olympic Games, and who the medal winners were.

New Zealand's Olympic pioneers

 • New Zealand History online

Learn about the history of the Olympics, especially New Zealand’s involvement in the games. 

wickED Cool Kiwis

Read interviews by these wickED Cool Kiwis who've participated in previous Olympic Games.

 • Sarah Walker – BMX, Olympic Games: 2008

 • Craig Barrett – Athletics walking, Olympic Games: 1996, 2000, 2004

 • George Bridgewater – Rowing, Olympic Games: 2004, 2008

 • Beatrice Faumauina – Discus, Olympic Games: 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Branding and logo design

Every time the Olympics are held new designs and logos are developed as branding. 

 • Check out the logos and their sports on this page.

 • Look at the logo designs developed for the 2012 London Olympics 

 • Look at this video to find out how the designs were developed for the 2012 London Olympics. 

Compare the designs for the 2012 Olympic Games with those for 2016.

     – Say which you like best and why. 

     – Design a set of logos for the next Olympic Games. 


 • Talk with your classmates and find out what a "mascot" is. Find out about the mascots for the 2016 and past Olympic Games. 

 • Design and create a suitable mascot for the next Games. 

Participating nations

 • Look at the map and tables on this page and see if you can find:

     – Where the host country is

     – How many nations are participating

     – The name of the area/s that aren't taking part. 

 • Learn to recognize flags that belong to different countries competing at the Olympic Games.

New Zealand Olympic team

 • Olympics NZ
Go to the official New Zealand Olympic website, read about the teams, and keep up to date with the results. 

Olympics sports

 • Olympics sports
Find out how which sports and activities are being contested in the Olympics and how new ones get to be included.

Olympic Games activities

The New Zealand National anthems

New Zealand is has two national anthems of equal standing – God Defend New Zealand and God Save The Queen. Listen to and learn these in English, Te Reo Māori, and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).
National anthems

wickED Interactives – Looking after our guests

Before and during the Olympics our athletes and their supporters will be staying in strange places on the other side of the world. There will be times when they miss familiar things from home – including food and things to do. Use these interactives to create a meal plan or an activity itinerary to help them feel at home.

 • Feed our friends from overseas

 • Whāngaihia ō mātou Hoa nō Tāwāhi

 • Entertain our friends from overseas

 • Manaakitia ō mātou Hoa nō Tāwāhi

Activity village

 • Activity Village
Do these Olympic activities. 

Olympic crafts

 • Olympic crafts
Make an Olympic torch, medals, and olive wreaths, and much more.


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