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Leap into these activities and find out about celebrations around the world.

Merry Christmas

All around the world people wish each other 'Merry Christmas'. Find out how to say Merry Christmas in a different language. Try it out on your friends. Help Ed to say Merry Christmas to his friends:

  • in Māori to Wiki
  • in Chinese to Jai
  • in Samoan to Tipani
  • in three other languages that you choose from this website

Alien Christmas

Imagine this: On December 20 a spaceship drops off a friendly alien in your backyard. You walk outside to meet the visitor. He looks passably human, speaks reasonable English, and explains that his goal is to spend a week on the planet to learn about its people. He asks you to be his guide for the week.
You show him around your house and your neighbourhood. He notices all the Christmas decorations everywhere and he asks a LOT of questions!

Email Santa

Ho!! Ho!! Ho!! Santa is waiting to hear from you. Write a letter to Santa Claus telling him how great you are and what you would like for Christmas. Include a special message from you to him.

  • Open this website to email Santa.
  • Complete the letter, and send it.

Santa's waiting for *you*! From the North Pole, Santa will send your reply... faster than Rudolph the reindeer can fly!! Merry Christmas!!

Fun games

Try this fun Christmas game online:


I mōhio rānei koe kāore noa iho te tau hou e tīmata i te rā tuatahi o Kohi-tātea? Ko Matariki he kāhui whetū e kitea ana i te ata hāpara i muri iho o te tōhuatanga o te marama, i te marama o Pipiri ia tau, koia rā te tīmatanga o te tau hou o Aotearoa, me ngā moutere o te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa!

  • Tirohia ngā kōrero mō Matariki hono atu ki.
  • Tēnā koa, hangaia mai tōu ake pānui ki te whakanui i a Matariki, whakaoti rānei te Word icon. Pānui o Matariki (Word, 61 KB)  i tīmatahia e Wiki.
  • Me whakauru mai koe i ngā āhuatanga:
    • te kāhui whetū
    • tōnā pakiwaitara
    • te wā o te tau.

New Year

It's party time! All over the world people welcome the New Year. It is one of the oldest of all holidays. In New Zealand we celebrate New Year on the first day of January but not all New Year celebrations take place on the same day or in the same way! You work for the wickED Travel Agency. Your job is to persuade as many customers as possible to visit your country for its New Year's celebration.

  • Choose one of the countries or cultures from the list below and find out about the New Year celebrations from the websites beneath them:
  • Make a PowerPoint presentation, digital story, or short film advertising New Year.
  • Include the following, plus add other things if you want:
    • continent/location
    • New Year date
    • origins
    • traditions or customs
    • food
    • clothing and gifts.

Christmas play

'In the Dutch colonial town later known as Albany, New York, there lived a baker, Van Amsterdam, who was as honest as he could be. Each morning, he checked and balanced his scales, and he took great care to give his customers exactly what they paid for - not more and not less...'.

This Christmas story is designed for Readers Theatre.

Mēri Kirihimete

Puta noa te ao, e 'Mēri Kirihimete' ana te hunga tangata kia rātau anō. Tirohia me pēhea te kōrero 'Mēri Kirihimete' ki tētahi reo kē. Whakamātauhia ki o hoa. Āwhinatia a Wiki ki te kōrero 'Mēri Kirihimete' ki ōnā hoa:

  • i te reo Māori ki a Ed.
  • i te reo Hainamana ki a Jai.
  • i te reo Hāmoa ki a Tipani.
  • i roto i ngā reo e toru ka tohua e koe mai i tēnei paetukutuku


Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Ed is going to celebrate Hanukah this year with his friend, Aaron. Aaron sent him a letter explaining the celebration, but unfortunately Ed split water over it.

Find out about a Jewish festival called Hanukkah.

  • Open Word icon. Ed's letter (Word, 35 KB) and carefully remove the water spills.
  • Fill in the gaps for him.
  • Use a drawing program on your computer to colour the menorah.

Christmas trees around the world

Wiki and Ed have put up their Christmas trees already! Ed has an artificial tree decorated with tinsel and coloured lights. Wiki has a pine tree in a bucket with water to keep it alive. What kind of Christmas tree do you have at your house?


Did you know that New Year is not always the first of January? Matariki is a star cluster that can be seen in the pre-dawn sky after the full moon from mid to late June each year, which is the start of the Aotearoa Pacific New Year!

Collecting Christmas ideas

Christmas is celebrated around the world, but different countries have different traditions. Your task is to go on a virtual tour to find out how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world and then choose your favourite traditions to design your own special Christmas.

Open the 

Word icon. suitcase (Word, 29 KB)

Use this site to go on a trip around the world.

Choose the things you would most like for your Christmas.

When your suitcase is full of Christmas ideas, design your presentation 'My Christmas'.

Present your choice in one of the following ways:

  • PowerPoint or KidPix slide show
  • an art work - on paper.

Spreading Christmas cheer using spreadsheets

Ed is on a budget. He has $200 to spend on presents for his friends and family. To help him keep to his budget he has made a spreadsheet. Use Ed's spreadsheet to plan your own Christmas shopping.

  • Open Ed's Christmas shopping list spreadsheet.

    Excel icon. Shopping List (Excel, 16 KB)

  • Save the blank spreadsheet onto your computer.

    Excel icon. Blank Shopping List (Excel, 16 KB)

  • Enter in the total amount you have to spend in the green box under the heading, Amount you have left.
  • Enter in the names of the people you are buying gifts for.
  • Use Christmas catalogues or look online to select your gifts.
  • Record the gift and price in the correct columns on the spreadsheet.
  • If you have more people on your list than Ed has, do the following to make the columns calculate:
    • highlight 'spent' and 'remaining' in the last cells entered
    • copy - Ctrl C
    • click the down arrow key
    • press enter
    • repeat for each new entry.