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Who's coming to visit

Visitors to New Zealand visit many different places. Who comes to your town and why? What do you do to make visitors feel welcome.

A good place to visit

Choose an interesting place you have heard about and would like to recommend to our visitors. If you live in the South Island choose a place in the North Island, or if you live in the North Island choose a place in the South Island.

Collect information

To get your information you could use one of these methods:

  • Search the Internet. Open a search page. Put in the keywords “Destination”, “New Zealand” or the name of a place you want to find out about e.g. “Taupo”. Look at the first four search results and note what they have to say about your destination.
  • Visit one of our information centres. Check out the maps and brochures they have about your destination. You can also visit their website first to find out what you want to know: iSite
  • Ask someone you know who has been to your destination what they know about it.

Sort your information:

  • Write down three interesting things to look at in this place.
  • Write down three interesting things that your visitors could do here.
  • Find a photo or draw a picture of one of the town's features.
  • If it’s town with a Māori name, can you find out what it’s name means?
  • If the town’s name is English, see if you can find out where that name came from.

Present your information:

  • Create a colourful vibrant poster advertisement to promote your destination.

Interactive - Feed our Friends from Overseas

Use our menu planner to plan a three course meal of New Zealand favourite foods for our visitors, name your dishes, describe your courses, and print out or send us your menu.

Making visitors welcome

Who’s coming to visit your town, or a town near you? Choose a team that's playing in or near your town to learn about. Try some of these activities to show your support and make the teams and their supporters feel welcome:

  • Make their flag, and fly it
  • Learn the anthem of their country
  • Find out about their famous people
  • Cook a dinner using their recipes
  • Learn a games they play and teach it to someone else
  • Learn some useful phrases from their language e.g. "Hello"
  • Learn about some of their customs
  • Design an invitation card inviting them to visit your school or centre

Interactive - Entertain our Friends from Overseas

Use our activity planner to plan a full day of activities for our visitors with things New Zealand kids like to do, name your activities, describe your day, and print out or send us your programme.

Cool Kiwi

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