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Antarctic traveller - Part 1

Early this year Jude McKendry travelled to Antarctica by ship, via the sub-Antarctic Islands with the Our Far South expedition. She had to pack carefully so that she could take everything she needed, but, as there wasn't a lot of space on board the ship, she had a problem. Find out how she solved her problem.

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When you have read the eBook answer these questions.

Where is Jude going, to Icetarctica, Intarctica or Antarctica?


Why does Jude need to take some thin gloves?

To be able to work the camera when she has to take her thick gloves off.

What problem does Jude have to solve?

How to pack everything she will need

What does Jude need to take to protect here eyes - a blindfold, some scarves or some eye protection?

Some eye protection

How many types of footwear does Jude have to take - 3, 4, or 5?

4 types of shoes

What colour lens will help Jude see best on a cloudy day in Antarctica - blue, green or yellow?

A yellow lens

What else does Jude want to take with her?

Spare batteries and memory sticks for her camera

How does Jude solve her problem?

She takes 2 packs

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