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Simp The Dog

Simp the dog was grumpy because everyone had gone.

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Why was Simp grumpy, and what did he decide to do?

Simp was grumpy because Billy had left so he decided to walk around the farmyard to say hello to his friends.

How many chicks did Hetty the hen have?

Hetty the hen had 7 chicks.

What was Sally the cow feed up about?

She preferred to be in the other field where the grass wasn’t tough and sweet.

Who did Bobo the lamb go for a walk with?


When Simp the dog went to visit Monty the cat, what had Monty been doing that morning?

Monty had been chasing mice all morning.

Why couldn't Simp go into Mr Rabbits house?

Because he is far too big to get in there.

When Billy arrived back, Simp went for a sleep, what was Simp dreaming about?

He was dreaming about all of his farm animal friends.

Your challenge:

Think about one of the farm animals Simp went to visit, or a farm animal that wasn’t mentioned in the story. Draw your own picture of your farm animal and add the answers to the questions below  to it;

What’s your farm animals name?

What sort of animal is it?

Write down three facts about your farm animal?

Write a short poem about your farm animal

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