Simp was grumpy because, today, everyone had gone out. He decided he would walk around the farmyard and say hello to his friends.

First he came across Hetty, the hen, but she was busy too because she had seven little chicks to look after.

"I can't stop and talk. I must look after all these chicks or they might run away," said Hetty.

So Simp wandered on until he came across Sally, the cow. "Hello Sally, what are you doing today?" Simp asked. "I don't know. I'm a bit fed up," said Sally. "So am I," said Simp, "What are you fed up about?" "This grass is rather tough and not very sweet. i much prefer it over there," said Sally nodding her head towards the next field. "Oh well, perhaps you will be moved tomorrow," said Simp. "I hope so," said Sally.

On went Simp and he came across Bobo, the pet lamb. "Hello Bobo, how are you today?" "I'm fine," said Bobo, "I've had a lovely morning chatting to all my friends and Billy came over and we went for a walk." "That was nice," said Simp, "See you later," and he carried on.

"Hello Monty, What are you doing today?" "I've been sleeping in the sun. It's such a lovely day. I've been chasing mice all morning so I'm rather tired." "Alright," said Simp, "I shall leave you to sleep," and off he walked. 

And then he came across Mr Rabbit. "I wish I could come down into your little house to see what it is like," said Simp. "I am afraid you can't. You are far too big," said Mr Rabbit." "What is it like?" asked Simp. "Well you go down a passage until you come to a big room and that is where Mrs Rabbit is and all the little baby rabbits." "Sounds lovely," said Simp, "but I had better move on." "Goodbye, Simp," said Mr Rabbit. 

Simp met Mr Hedgehog next. "Hello Mr Hedgehog, what have you been doing?" "I have been out for my breakfast and now I am going for my sleep in the sun," replied Mr Hedgehog. "Enjoy your sleep, Mr Hedgehog," said Simp, "Bye."

Simp had enjoyed seeing what his farmyard friends were up to and didn't feel grumpy anymore. "I suppose, I better head off home," he thought, "I wonder if Billy is back yet?"

As Simp wandered towards the farmhouse he could see Billy. "Hello Billy," barked Simp, wagging his tail and Billy played with him. Billy threw the ball and Simp fetched it until Simp was very tired and flopped down to the ground.

"Time for a rest," said Billy and gave Simp a big drink of water. They went inside and Simp climbed into his his basket and fell sound asleep.

I wonder what Simp dreamed about.

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