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The New Dive

Freya is a diver. She is facing a new challenge.

She's going to try diving the Back Line Up dive on the 3 metre board.

Find out how she feels about it and see how she goes.

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• Tell us about a new challenge you have faced.
• Write your own story and send us photographs or illustrations.
• Describe how you felt before - were you nervous, happy, numb?
• Describe how you felt after - what was your reward?
• What do you plan to do next?
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Find out more

• Freya was offered a place with the Wellington High Performance Aquatics (WHiPA) diving programme in March 2011.
• When Freya started diving she did two sessions a week. Nowadays she does four sessions. At each diving session Freya spends 1-2 hrs in the dry gym doing stretching, trampoling, and flexibilty and strength exercises. Then she spends another 1-2 hours at the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre on the diving boards.
• Freya's Head Coach, Steve Zhu, was a former national coach with various Chinese national teams including Olympic and World Championship teams.
• Freya's other coach, Li Feng Yang, was a former national diver in China.
• Freya's hero is British Olympic medal winning diver Tom Daley.
• Freya is also a member of the Wellington Diving Club.
• If you'd like to find out more you can check out Wellington High Performance Aquatics.
• Read about our wickED Cool Kiwi - Yu Qian Goh, who is also part of the WHiPA team.

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