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Trixie the Dog

Trixie finds a home.

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See how Trixie finds a home.

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What was the name of the village where Trixie lived?


What breed of dog is Trixie?


What did the old man give Trixie to eat on the first day, and then on the second day?

A piece of meat and then a piece of cake.

What would the old lady say about Trixie?

That Trixie was a flea-bitten dog.

What did the old man and the old lady both like to do?

They both enjoyed gardening.

What happened with the old man and the old lady as a result of meeting Trixie?

They got married.

Your turn

Have you got a dog?

Draw a picture or take a photo of it and answer the following questions;

-  What breed of dog is it?
-  What’s it’s name?
-  how old is your dog?
-  What colours are your dog?
-  What is the best thing you love about your dog?
-  What is the worst thing you hate about your dog?


Ask your teacher to check your answers and drawings, to see if it's suitable to send in for us to add to wickED's eStory collection.


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